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Understanding the basics: what does “handmade” really mean?

Would you agree that the word "handmade" has lost its true meaning over time? It's been said and used so many times that the real work that goes into creating something out of nothing with your bare hands seems easy and standard. Well, it's not and in today's post we are taking a hard look at what handmade really means. Read along and discover all the elements of doing something by hand.

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Understanding the basics: how is our product packaging different from the standard?

There's no doubt product packaging is holds the very important title of attracting attention. However underneath all the pageantry, the true brand's values are revealed. Let us take you behind the scenes and be completely transparent about our product packaging. We hope that by sharing our values we can highlight global problem areas in the industry and provide you as a consumer with valuable information.

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SIA Munio Spa has entered contract No. SKV-L- 2016/363 with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency for support of the measure 'International promotion of competitiveness' program co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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