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Light for children

Join us in raising 5000 EUR for the Children's Hospital Foundation's most urging needs


The Munio's mission for the past 12 years has been to bring light and the power of nature to people. This message resonates with us on a deeply soulful level in today's events. We light these candles in Light, in Peace, and in Courage as an online lantern to support and encourage us in moments when we need it the most.

We're asking you to join us in making a donation to the Children's Hospital Foundation, because children are our light and future. If we have the ability to safeguard even just one child's life, we believe it is the most uplifting thing to wish for.

Together we have the ability to support The Children's Hospital Foundation and bring much needed help in these circumstances.

Let's join forces and bring light into the world and these families' lives. Watch the video or let it play in the background - we want to invite Light, Peace and Courage in every home. Soak in the ambiance and use this as an opportunity to reflect and be grateful.

Elīna Čīma

Founder of the Munio

I have three sons, and the time I spend with them means everything to me. When myself or my loved ones are facing tough times, the glowing candlelight and the bright music helps restore our inner peace. I encourage you to help the Children's Hospital Foundation bring healing and love into families who are experiencing hardship. Your donation saves lives.

Baiba Prindule-Rence

Set & mood designer

I know that the world is round and believe that everything we do will circle back around ten times more. This drives me. If you feel like you have something to give, then give. If you don't, feel the warmth and peace we're sending your way and

Inspired to bring Light, Peace and Courage into your home, we've created 3 new scents that hold a unique essential oil blend and Dr. Bah's flower essence.

3 new scents as seen in the video

With each purchase, we're donating 5 EUR to this cause


How will the donated money be spent?

The main reasoning behind this project is to help the Children's Hospital Foundation in their most urgent needs. We completely trust that the raised money will go towards a cause that is lacking in support the most. We will update everyone on what's been done with the donated money once its put to good use.

Can I make a donation without purchasing the MUNIO products?

We encourage everyone to watch the video we've created to bring more emotional calmness into everyones home as a reminder that even in these times of trouble, we can still do good for others. You can simply make a donation or also purchase the new aromas to invite the ambiance and energy from the video into your home.

What is the Children's Hospital Foundation?

Children's Hospital Foundation is an independent foundation operating since January 2001 and has been assigned the status of a public benefit organisation. The Children's Hospital Foundation takes care of the children's health through raising help from general public.They are a reliable partner to children, their parents, medical staff and general public.

How can I contact the MUNIO about this project?

If you have any questions or would like to receive more information about the initiative, feel free to send us an email at If you're a journalist or represent a publication and require a media kit, please use the email address above to contact us.

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