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In need of a meaningful Valentine's Day gift? We got it!

Let's put a spin on the Valentine's Day classics - roses and chocolate. We've come up with a few more interesting ideas that will highlight different types of Valentine's day we all celebrate. It is all about feeling a bit more special, appriciated and loved.

In need of a meaningful Valentine's Day gift? We got it!

It doesn't matter if you're single or coupled up – Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse for all of us to treat ourselves and important people in our lives to something a bit more out of the ordinary. Busy lives and hectic schedules can overpower our day to day, so finding time to unwind, enjoy each other's company or to focus on yourself is exactly what the doctor ordered. Let's take a look at our favorite products and self-care ideas for this year's Valentine's Day.

An aromatic experience

When I say Valentine's Day, do you immediately think of roses? Or any other type of flower? The image of chocolate and roses is so burned into our brains that we often forget to think about anything else and just stick to the classics. There's nothing wrong with that, but we're here today to talk about less popular or mainstream scents. There are so many flowers and each has its unique scent that can help bring to life what you have envisioned.

Lavender - for a calm Valentine's

Perhaps all you want this Valentine's day is to unwind and relax. I completely understand you. Our daily routine is very draining and we all deserve a few moments of relaxation and time to ourselves to regenerate our source of energy. To focus on your wellbeing this Valentine's day, we suggest one of these products. They partly have lavender as a scent note and can help relieve stress.


Juniper body oil

Ashberries & billberry leaves soy wax rounds

"Before you dream" mini candle

Wild flowers – for a classic Valentine's

There's nothing wrong with going the classic route and enjoying roses or bouquet of flowers. To give this classic a little twist, we recommend experiencing the flowers as candles or body care products. We drew inspiration from a wild meadow and freshly cut roses. If all you want this Valentine's is to feel that flowery hug in your home, to feel special and loved, these are our picks.

Wild flowers diffuser

Wild flowers mini candle

Wild flowers hand lotion

Marigold – for a dreamy Valentine's 

Where we're located, Valentine's day tends to be cold, snowy or rainy and very gloomy. That's partly why couples treat themselves to a quick getaway someplace warmer. Feeling in love in summer is so romantic! This feeling is best captured by marigolds. They're the epitome of sunshine and freedom. Feeling the moment and enjoying life. If reminiscing about past trips or planning future ones is how you'll be spending this Valentine's we recommend getting yourself one of these:

Marigold body wash

Marigold 3-wick candle

Marigold scrub soap

For a sensual Valentine's

Do you know what sounds like the best Valentine's treat? A massage! Whether it's you who's finally taking the time out of your busy day to show your body some love and care or if it's a loved one, a partner, a professional who you're trusting. Whichever way it happens, you know you'll be relaxed and aware of your body the whole time. Afterwards, you'll feel like a newborn. Full of energy and ready to have a fresh start. It not only relieves aches and pains but can energize your mind for new ideas. We have exactly what you need for a good massage:

Marigold body oil

Juniper body oil

Wild flowers body oil 

For a quality time Valentine's

Sometimes all we need to reconnect with one another is to spend quality time together. Being present in the moment, talking, doing an activity together is healthy and necessary for all relationships – romantic or friendly. Maybe the best way for you to take advantage of this year's Valentine's day is to spend quality time with someone special in your life. And we have an idea in mind – candle making! You'll have conversations during the candle making process, you'll learn something new not only about candles, but about each other. Final result? You'll get 2 candles in glass jars – one for unwinding and relaxing, the other – for invigorating and energizing.

Collection Vitale DIY candle making kit

Whichever way you choose to go this Valentine's, know that although seemingly commercial, this day can be a treat if we choose so. Think of it as a reminder to be thankful for love, for being loved and appreciated. Leave the commercial classics to those who need it. You are deserving of having a special moment –make it special this Valentine's day! 

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