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Mother's Day idea guide – gifts and activities for a perfect Sunday!

Mother's Day idea guide – gifts and activities for a perfect Sunday!

Most of us would agree that we should be cherishing and loving our mothers or mother figures in our lives on a daily basis, yet that's not always the case. Most of the time we're so busy with whatever is going on in our lives that we completely forget about our moms. That is why yearly Mother's day festivities are so great - they're the opportunity we all need to stop our busy lives and be more present and appreciative of the ones we love. This blog post will give you ideas on Mother's Day gifts and things you can do together to celebrate!

A special something she might not get for herself

Our moms are often the caregivers, the ones who put others and their needs first, often forgetting about themselves. They might treat their kids and grandkids, but never or rarely themselves. This Mother's Day, it's your chance to treat your mom or mother figure to something special she might not get herself. Our suggestion - luxurious skincare handmade by us, the MUNIO. Here are a couple product suggestions:

1. One of our gift sets - they come perfectly wrapped and ready for gifting

2. Luxurious body oil - available in juniper, marigold, and wild flower scents

Here's what Gaia, our customer, said about the wild flowers body oil
"This oil has a delightful texture and perfume, I am so happy to have it as a little treat for my skin. Thank you so much Munio!"

3. Moisturizing hand or body lotion - perfect for a moment of luxury on the daily. Both available as refills. 

4. Soy wax rounds - little but mighty, use for melting or between clothing to spread aroma.

5. A gift card - the best gift is the gift of choice!

Spending quality time together crafting

Sometimes all we need to reconnect with one another is to spend quality time together. Being present in the moment, talking, doing an activity together is healthy and necessary for all relationships. Maybe the best way for you to take advantage of this year's Mother's day is to spend quality time with your mom. And we have an idea in mind – candle making! If your mom is crafty, she'll love our DIY candle making kits. You'll have conversations during the candle making process, you'll learn something new not only about candles, but about each other. Final result? You'll get 2 candles in glass jars – one for unwinding and relaxing, the other – for invigorating and energizing.

Collection Vitale DIY candle making kit

Giving back together

One of the most amazing things about mothers is their ability to selflessly give. A loving and giving heart will appreciate an opportunity to help someone in need. How about this Mother's day you visit an animal shelter together? Walking the dogs will give you both a moment to catch up with each other, sharing life updates, and experience closeness. Animals have a way of sparking joy around them, so take advantage of that moment of pure happiness.

Afternoon puzzling

Puzzles, I know! They've seen a comeback during the pandemic. Here's an idea – grab a few cupcakes from your favorite bakery, a fun puzzle, and go spend the loveliest afternoon with your mom. Doing something together will always be a great idea because through shared experiences we get to learn about each other on a new, inexperienced level.
Speaking from personal experience, puzzles are so fun when you're doing them as adults!

We're all uniquely different, we like different activities and things, but we do have one thing in common – it warms our hearts to be remembered and appreciated. Whichever way you decide to go this Mother's Day, know that it truly is the thought that counts. As long as you're spending time together, being present with one another, and simply enjoying each other's company, you're good.

the MUNIO uses 100% organic soy wax. We scent our wax with eco certified aromas – all natural and 0% harmful. If you're curious, take a look at our soy candle selection at our shop.

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