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Rose scented soy wax rounds
Rose scented soy wax rounds

Rose scented soy wax rounds

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Where dreams intertwine with petals. Within its flickering glow, the essence of a thousand blossoms dances gracefully, infusing the air with a symphony of romance. It is a fragrant poem, where velvety rose notes entwine with whispers of delicate sweetness, casting a spell of floral allure.

Hand-poured scented soy wax rounds decorated with rose flowers from Latvian gardens. Using only natural soy wax, rose fragrance, and recyclable cardboard packaging. Soy wax rounds are decorative design elements that can be placed in any room, shelf, or drawer. Rounds can also be used in a wax burner.

Fragrance: Delicate, mild, and rosy with soft undertones of honey and spice | Volume: 120ml | Dimensions: Ø 6cm x 4pcs | Ø 3.5cm x 6pcs

Directions for use
Use scented soy wax rounds in a dish or in a drawer or warm them with a potpourri burner to gently fill the space with layers of beautiful fragrance. Do not use internally and keep away from children.

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