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Summer wedding

Summer wedding

Hand in hand with our mood designer Baiba Prindule-Rence and camera guru Linda Lauva we planned a photo shoot expecting light summer vibes during the day of 10th of May. The morning came into its own as a wonder and gave us winter breeze with snow and +2 degrees only… Still we didn’t give up and forthcoming was just the beginning of something greater; the summer wedding carried out with charming simplicity. Cheers to Baiba and Linda for genuine creativeness to make the imaginary wedding complete.






 Tips for midsummer wedding

  • The Day is captured for your unspoken moments. Let’s celebrate the love and hand our inner radiance to our dear ones.
  • Bracing meadow or bizarre ruins of an old house could be the perfect place for the ceremony.
  • And who said that altar is the essence of ritual? Perhaps it is Vigvam?





  • Swap heels for a pair of your favourite boots and tailored silk dress.
  • Braided baskets, cactus and palm trees will ginger up the North-European temperate nature with festive vibrations. 
  • To harmonize the space, ambiance it with Munio Candela candles in brown glass jars and metal cans from collection Apotheca. Candle light will complement the day with warmth and embracing radiance. Expose them much you can! Lots of them!
  • Do you have something to say? Print it in on plywood. It looks superb!
  • And lastly, take the hand of your loved one, deeply look into the eyes and let the magic happen.







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