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A garden at home

A garden at home

How do you know the spring is near? You can’t wait to repot your houseplants (and get more of them)!

Here are four signs that your plant is ready for repotting:

  1. New leaves appear slowly and are very small compared to older leaves.
  2. Soil dries out very quickly or water runs down the inside of the pot without soaking in.
  3. Roots are growing out through the drainage holes or are appearing above the soil’s surface in the pots.
  4. Roots are so tightly coiled that when you pull the plant from the pot, you see all roots and no soil (a common thing with supermarket plants).

Let us just add one more sign: you want to replace the old boring pots with the translucent empty candle jars from our Villa Collection. Easy done!

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All you need is a bag of potting soil and a handy gardening spade. Or use an ice cream scoop instead – it’s the perfect way to add soil to the new pot without making a mess.

Finally, read a newspaper to your freshly repotted plants. Wait, what? Well yes, because if there’s enough natural light for you to read by, you’ll know that the plants are getting the minimum amount of light needed for good growth. 

Tip: Use glass containers in different sizes and colors and make nice little compositions around the house / office. Professionals recommend to use the pots with hole on the bottom, but our experience with home plants shows that blooming spring flowers, succulents and cactus grow well also in pots without hole.

They say that God awakens in plants and there’s truth in that. It is truly a satisfying feeling to check on your plants first thing in the morning and notice tiny little buds and leaves appearing as if out of nowhere. Those moments definitely bring hope to the last days of winter.

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